Android games

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No wonder if you’re Android owner you probably love to play games. Today there are great number of different games you can download for free on googleplay to play any game you love. Frankly saying I’m not a big gaming fan however actually I have got two three games I prefer to play at my leisure. I prefer playing strategy android games. My favorite one is Age of Civilizations. But such games as
– Anomaly 2,
– Autumn Dynasty,
– Breach & Clear,
– Devil’s Attorney,
– Frozen Synapse,
or Kingdom Rush Frontiers are very interesting as well.

Which games do you love to play?

Translate apps

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Google Translate is most popular app is available now for free on googleplay. This app provides quality translation from 90 languages. Also you can use your phone camera to translate text instantly in 26 languages plus – two-way automatic speech translation in 40 languages (instant camera translation is available to translate from German and English to Arabic as well).

Translate voice is also popular app allowing to understand any conversation in any language with the help of voice translator, translating different texts and use the button to talk application. For free as well.

With an All Language Translator App you can translate what you say in more than 50 languages.
Features :
– Zero translation cost, You don’t have to pay any cent .
– Translate between more than 50 universal language.
– Translate words and phrases with high accuracy.

iTranslate – free translator helps you break down language barriers as well.

Language Translate allows you to translate while you’re browsing and gets you away from any language you need.

However the list of translation apps is truly long then you can pick up the most suited one.

How to update Windows drivers

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If you have a problem getting uncontrollable scrolling and the cause is not the mouse you have to update drivers.

You can do it manually making follow steps:

1.Click Update Drivers on the mouse
2.Instead of automatic, select browse my computer
3.Select let me pick
4.Click have disk
5.Select the folder where the drivers are stored
6.Select your device
7.Click [OK] / [Finish] / [Accept] / etc.

Note: if you enter the folder at step three instead of selecting let me pick Windows will see your drivers, but notice the timestamp is old and just use the ones.

Old Apple

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Apple’s computers which was made in 1976 fails to sell. There are only about 50 left in the world.

Last year one was fetched $365,000 (£237,000) and in 2013, another attracted a $905,000 bid.
Monday’s vintage tech sale had a starting price of $300,000.

The Cray-4 processor sold for $37,500.

Use offline maps

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Even in case you’re in the place the mobile data is too expensive or just out of Internet connection, you can save a map to your device and use it offline whenever you need.

Actually there are multiple ways to save offline maps, here is one of them:

1.Make sure you’re connected to the Internet and signed in to your Google account.
2.Open the Google Maps app maps.
3.Search for a place, like “San Francisco.”
4.At the bottom, touch the bar that has the name of the place you searched.
5.In the upper right, touch the menu three vertical dots.
6.To save the map, select Save offline map. And follow the directions on the screen.
7.To view your offline map, see the directions for viewing your saved maps below.

The biggest size for an offline map is 50km x 50km. If you try to save an area bigger than that, you’ll be asked to zoom in to a smaller area.

Gaming news: Win is possible

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Do they say gaming is bad for you? I’m quite well aware they said the same about rock-n-roll. It sounds like a joke but actually almost everyone in the world has become a gamer today. And it doesn’t really matter whether you love to play games like flappy bird or like Dead space 2, you prefer online poker or Canadian lotto.

The fact is almost each of you have games on your PC or iOS devices and of course there are couple of them there you go back on an almost daily basis to play them again and again. Even if you have not much time to sit down and play you still try to find it to enjoy with your favorites.

Video games just have been a part of our lives. Why? There are many reasons and probably the most important of them are gaming is fun, it entertains us, it brings a new experiences, it really boosts a brain, it’s just a great way to keep in touch with your friends. After all playing your favorite gave you can generate earnings!

If you keep the track of Canadian gaming news on and gaming events around the world you probably know that recently some Swedish e-sports team have won $1.43m (£924,000) after emerging victorious at a Dota 2 tournament. It is the biggest single-event prize awarded in e-sports history. Dota 2 is an intriguing online fantasy-themed battle video game played in matches involving two teams of five players.

So, you see that improving your gaming skills then you can try your hand the next competition to make impossible things possible like these guys did. Gamers always believe that an epic win is possible, and that it is always worth trying, and trying right now.

“Hey hey hey it’s time to make some carrrrazzzyy money are ya ready? Here we go!” (Crazy Taxi)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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Galaxy S6 is one of the best smartphones of 2015. Probably this perfect phone is your next one with its slim, seamless, full metal and glass construction, the sleek, ultra thin and crafted from the finest and very special materials.

Free games for your phone

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Enjoy with free mobile games on the Nokia Store. My favorites are:

Run and escape from the WILD jungle.

Sara is lost in the wild jungle. Take control of Sara as she pursues her quest for the survival.

If you like 3D games and enjoyed our title Moto Racing 3D, dont miss this game.

How to play:
Swipe left or right to change lane
Swipe up to jump and swipe down to slide.
Be careful with the barriers and keep collecting coins.

Royal Car Race

Its an entertaining moto sports racing game with rich graphics where you have to drive the car and defeat other traffic to avoid collision. It will push your driving instincts to their limits. Focus on motor car and Hurl through various tracks to overtake other racers and lead the track which challenges experienced racing players as well as newbies.

Classic feature:-
– Super cool sounds
– amazing background scenes

Talking Cat

This is the one of the most popular tamagotchi game. You become a cute fluffy kitty owner! You feed him and do everything to please cat – play and talk with him! Kitty has funny cat stretcher, he will stretch it if you want. Play this kid game and look after the kitty, like you look after a baby!

Cheapest mobiles

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I’m not sure that everyone can have afforded smartphones like latest iPhone or Tag Heuer Link. However there are gadgets which could quite fit your budget.

For instance Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime which has very good specification fitting all the bill:
Display – 5.00-inch
Processor = 1.2GHz
Front Camera – 5-megapixel
Resolution – 540×960 pixels
OS – Android 4.4
Storage – 8GB
Rear Camera – 8-megapixel
Battery capacity – 2600mAh

Moto G( 2nd gen).
The powered Android with the 5″ display and stereo sound by very exceptional price.

Micromax canvas Gold which comes with 32GB of internal memory that allows you to stash all the music, videos, games, images and apps you love.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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Finally Apple (AAPL) iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been introduced. What about your expectations? Are you happy now?:-)

“Oh my gosh, is that an iPhone?!” Laurel asked, her voice unconsciously rising in pitch and volume.
Tamani looked up at her, his expression blank.” Yeah?”
“He has an iPhone,” Laurel said to David. “My faerie sentry who generally lives without running water has an iPhone. That’s. Just. Great. Everyone in the whole world has a cell phone except me. That’s awesome.”

Well, what do we have got now? iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5 inches diagonally and the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches, compared to the iPhone 5S size of 4 inches. The phones are thinner than ever: 6.9 mm for the iPhone 6 and 7.1 mm for the larger iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 price starts from $199 for a 16 GB configuration, $299 for 64 GB and $399 for a new and whopping 128 GB configuration, with a two-year contract, available to ship on September 19. The iPhone 6 Plus starts at $299 (16 GB), $399 (64 GB) and $499 (128 GB). Both phones come in three colors: gold, silver and space gray. Apple is also selling silicone and leather cases.

“If everyone wanted peace as much as they want a new iPhone, then there would be peace.”